Barn Hunt Classes

We have several opportunities coming up for you to learn about the sport of Barn Hunt and to practice your skills.  Our home base is at Zodiac Ranch in Milford MI, but we often offer Intro classes and Run through practices in conjunction with upcoming trials around the state.   We expect to start up our classes at Zodiac Ranch in April if the weather cooperates.

I am trying a new system for Scheduling Training Classes and Appointments. 

Workshops will be offered before most trials coming up this year.  Sign up at this link below.

June 14, Kalamazoo MI - ready for signup

July 5, Monroe MI- ready for signup

August 2, Marshall MI

September 27, Monroe MI

Zodiac Ranch Barn Hunt students:  

I have set up a new system through Square scheduling that I want to try for awhile.  You should be able to see the days I am available, and click on a time you want to reserve for your one on one appointment.  You and I should both get an email notification, but please send me a quick email to let me know the level you are working at, or if you need an Intro class.  It is supposed to show up on my Google calendar when you click on a date and time.   If you can not make it during the blocked off times, let me know, so I can see if I can work you in somewhere else.   Also, if you are booking less than 24 hours in advance, you should call me to make sure I haven't made other plans.   You do not need to pay until you come for your class.  $15 for 25 minutes, or $30 per hour for multiple dogs 



  Email to set up your private session or large group


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